Just now, I was about to hop on my bike to go to my usual 4. But I talked myself into it, saddled up and starting rolling down the hill. And he was playing music. Pop and rock music. Loud pop and rock music. First, that yoga is an inner practice, chiefly aimed at allowing us to go within. Second, that yoga does not engage in harm — the principle of ahimsa. In my reasons below, I explain how certain features of loud pop music violate the first or second principle. Of course, it is fully within your rights as a teacher to conduct classes however you want.

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Scientific and medical studies have shown that physical ailments and pain can have their root causes in emotional traumas, stress and other nonphysiological causes. Tuning in to our bodies is the first step in learning to take better care of them through proper exercise, diet and other vital lifestyle choices. Fortunately, the same Eastern spiritual traditions that have brought meditation to the West have also brought mindful forms of physical exercise such as yoga and Tai Chi Chuan, both of which have become very popular in America and Europe over the past few decades.

Westerners—Americans, in particular—tend to think of physical exercise in terms of competitive sports. And while tennis, soccer, baseball, football, etc. One might argue that competitive sports are a nonharmful way to work out these aggressions—leaving aside sports injuries for the moment.

Your history of Yoga write-up is a great effort in clearing the air on its origins. As far as I can fathom, yoga does not have a belief in external God. It’s sole purpose is salvation and .

Weekly Form Thread Have a question about your form or a pose in general? Head to the form check thread that is stickied at the top weekly for guidance from professional teachers. This is a community of people that share an interest in yoga. It is meant to be a safe and accepting place that is free of judgement. Many people have posted basic questions before. Please check the FAQ before posting another ‘what-should-I-wear? The article you’re excited to share may have been posted yesterday.

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The Yoga Teacher

I completed yoga teacher training. Now, in addition to being a forever student of yoga, I am also a teacher. Last week, I hit a brand new milestone in my journey as a yoga teacher:

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Looking for a mantra to help you focus during your yoga or meditation practice? We asked some of our favorite teachers to share their go-to mantras. Bee Creel Publish date: Nov 16, Yoga mantras are a great way to direct your focus during yoga. Use these 9 mantras from famous yoga teachers as inspiration to fuel your own yoga practice. One way to quiet this all-too-common scenario is to practice using a yoga mantra. Similar to the breath , mantras are a useful tool for anchoring into the present moment and providing a point a focus.

You can easily use a mantra anywhere you go. Even better, your mantra can change whenever you like, depending on what you need. A mantra can simply be a word or phrase that is accessible and supportive.

So….you want to date a yogi? A cautionary tale.

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Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training If you are feeling a shift in your life or have been looking for a program that combines an exotic escape with deep, yet .

Using A Guided Meditation Script for Peace and Tranquility Guided Meditation Script Use this free guided meditations outline and guided meditation script to experience a deep feeling of peace, tranquility and transcendence. Meditation is a wonderful experience and provides an opportunity to draw deeper into your own being. Guided meditation opens the door to calm the mind and nurture the spirit and does not take any work or effort on the part of the practitioner since you are passively being guided by an outside source.

This customized meditation script can be used anytime. You can have someone read it aloud while you relax into a deep state of calm, or you can record this in your own voice and play it back whenever you need it. Recording the guided meditation script on tape works well, so you can play it over repeatedly. As it is read or recorded, talk very slowly and take time to pause a while between sentences to allow the words to permeate the consciousness, bringing you into a deep state of relaxation.

A soft, calm voice is most beneficial. Choose a quiet environment where you can sit in a comfortable chair, preferably with your feet flat on the floor, choosing a time when you will not be disturbed.

Yoga Speed Dating // 30s and 40s age range // May 17th

Contrary to the Madison Avenue version, the reality is that most yoga classes contain people of a wide range of ages and body types. You do not have to be a year old model able to twist yourself into a pretzel shape to join a yoga class. The trick is to find the type of class that suits you. Yoga experts agree that a live yoga class is preferable to a videotape. For beginners especially, it is important to be able to see and interact with a yoga teacher.

No matter how famous and acclaimed the teacher on a video may be, she or he cannot look at you and offer corrections to assure you get the most benefit out of each pose.

I appreciated that yoga didn’t put stress on an end date or one goal that had to be set. I could just continuously go back to my practice and work on it. I also liked that it wasn’t just a physical practice, but also a mental practice.

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Clearly, this is a situation you have to approach carefully – at least if you plan on going to the gym (or your yoga class, or your crossfit class etc.) for longer than a day. So unless you want to reschedule all your workouts, you’ve got to approach your gym-crush situation with style.

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Gentle Yoga for Seniors DVD and Online Videos

We know a select number of Priests that have molested children. We know there have been Gurus that have manipulated and taken advantage of young female students. We know there are male and female, therapists and counselors who have misused their power and connection to coerce clients into having sex with them. Even with a warning, I flinched a few times during this short, satirical video.

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And 34 percent of Americans—or more than 80 million people—said they were likely to practice yoga over the next year. Doctors are increasingly recommending yoga to people over 50 because it can help lower blood pressure, ease pain and improve balance. But people tend to stick with the practice because they find it also improves their mood, relieves stress and, simply put, makes them feel happier.

Unfortunately, many yoga instructors are not trained to adapt the practice to older bodies. And America’s booming interest in yoga has lead to an increase in classes that are called yoga, but are actually “yoga-flavored” exercise classes taught by instructors whose yoga training may be limited to a weekend workshop. Unless a yoga teacher creates a safe class designed for older adults, this practice meant to heal may cause harm.

To safely reap the many benefits of yoga, it’s important to understand these seven essential yoga facts: Yoga can be good medicine. When new students come to my yoga class, I typically ask them what they’re seeking from the practice.

9 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Yoga Teacher Training

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 · Pick Your Yoga Practice is the first book to describe the most prominent yoga styles in depth, including teaching methodology, elements of practice, philosophical and spiritual underpinnings, class structure, physical exertion, and personal attention. Those new to yoga will discover they have options and can confidently attend a class of their

But her passion is Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. After many years searching for self-healing, by practicing various forms of yoga, meditation and energy-related healing modalities, she found that the technology of Kundalini Yoga is what works for her. Her mission is to help others find what she found — deep healing on all levels,stress reduction, peace, and a better quality of life. Having begun her own yoga practice later in life, she feels that yoga can be practiced at any age and flexibility level, and wants to share the many benefits with others.

Her specialty is gentle yoga, with inspiring music, meditation and relaxation to the healing sounds of the gong and crystal bowls. She also has the honor of facilitating full moon and new moon meditations at our center. With a year background in teaching and learning from Pre-K children to doctoral students , she guides yoga students through classes with clarity and compassion, always with beginners in mind. Charansev began teaching Hatha yoga in , and now specializes in teaching Kundalini Yoga.

The Thing I Hate About Yoga Teachers

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