Tweet In about , an immense landslide tumbles off Table Mountain in Skamania County and completely blocks the Columbia River, shoving it a mile off course. A lake forms behind the dam extending as far as miles. The river will eventually breach the dam causing a foot-deep flood downstream and creating the Cascades rapids. This is the most recent of four documented slides in the square-mile Cascade Landslide Complex and will be called the Bonneville Landslide. Table Mountain consists of Columbia Basalt on top of a softer clay-filled formation. Fish and Wildlife Service Hill. Some rocks were feet long and feet thick.

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Page two shows additional inventory. Sign up now to get monthly updates. Unique Rustic Stands The legs and stretchers of these stands are white pine saplings that retain their whorled branch nubs, a creative design that we had not previously encountered. Each stand has a two-board pine top with a reddish clear finish, and a single drawer – a rare commodity in rustic stands.

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Share this article Share They wrote: Its first colour prints came three years later. One of the firm’s biggest coups was commissioning watercolour artist A. Quinton to paint 2, scenes around the country. His world of thatched cottages, spired churches, horse and carts, uniformed maids and rosy-cheeked children in Sunday best soon gained a huge following.

During the Second World War, with paper and ink in short supply, J. Salmon produced morale-boosting patriotic postcards. The firm, which employs 50 staff, has until now fought off competition from the digital camera by producing larger, glossier photographs and updating its stunning photographic views of Britain. It has also added postcards of Royal occasions and tourist attractions such as Changing the Guard. But with shrinking markets and no one in the family wishing to carry on the business, closure is planned.

Pigs’ feet: the new superfood

The huge cave entrance, 55 metres high and 50 metres wide, is at metres above sea level. There are more than two kilometres of galleries, with a hundred or more superb paintings from Magdalenian times, most of which are in the famous ‘Salon Noir’, metres from the entrance. Many of the paintings are done in the classic style of the Magdalenian, outlined in red or black pigment, mostly haematite or manganese dioxide respectively. The entrance to Niaux Cave has been wonderfully done. The steel sculpture reflects, in the positive, the negative space of the entrance to the cave.

Salmon postcards can recapture some of daytime and dating guide is to your loved ones! 50 vintage brooches and postcard collection of places they are many .

Fiji was thoroughly disrupted by World War 2, and though of course postcards were sold from numerous outlets during that period, there was relatively less original photography produced by commercial firms. During the late s this picked up momentum and during the s much new work appeared, also utilising contemporary printing techniques. With the advent of wide-bodied jet aircraft in the s, tourism burgeoned and created a great demand for souvenirs, particularly postcards.

As well, colour technology improved, and there were a great number of new colour postcards produced. Many of the cards below were photographed by Roland R. Bolton Stinson, the founder of the original Stinsons Studios. The Stinson brothers were perhaps the most important of the post-war commercial photographers, as distinct from the unrivalled official photographer, Rob Wright. Like Rob, they recorded the scenery of Fiji and the life of the people of all ethnicities.

Roland was the principal photographer for Stinsons during the s and early s, after which he left Fiji and moved to Perth, Western Australia, to live.

West Lulworth, Dorset – Quinton reprint – Salmon postcard 1970s

There were originally two villages, East and West Teignmouth, separated by a stream called the Tame, which emptied into the Teign through marshland by the current fish quay. Documents indicate that Teignmouth was a significant port by the early 14th century, second in Devon only to Dartmouth. This may have been due to silting up of the harbour caused by tin mining on Dartmoor.

It is possible that smuggling was the town’s most significant trade at this time, though cod fishing in Newfoundland was also of great importance.

One of the articles that I read in my first copy of the SSG news letter in April was a very interesting article written by Brian Sulman about an order form postcard for a series of Salmon postcards on the subject of Hop Picking.

In between are neat piles of more than 5, postcards that light up every corner of England and Wales in high-gloss colour. There are the pretty thatched cottages of Godshill, the Isle of Wight, the floodlit and moated castles of north Wales, the daffodils and snow-covered valleys of the Yorkshire Dales, tin mines and Truro cathedral on Cornish Landmarks, the ponies of Dartmoor, and views of everything from the honeyed streets of Chipping Campden to the curve of the London Eye.

This modest factory in Sevenoaks, Kent, belongs to J Salmon Ltd, the country’s oldest surviving postcard seller. Doomsayers may claim that email, camera phones and so on inevitably sound the death knell for the snailmail postcard, but the Salmon family – still at the helm – beg to differ. This year, they will sell 20m postcards, which will be picked up by tourists, pensioners and even teenagers across England and Wales, for anything from 8p to 80p which buys an upmarket, white-bordered panorama card depicting “A peaceful day at Mevagissey, Cornwall” or “Golden light at Lizard Point”.

And the Salmons do not envisage the death of the postcard any time soon. Pictorial cards began to be posted in earnest in the late Victorian era and Joseph’s son, also Joseph, started out by printing reproductions of watercolour paintings of Sevenoaks by local artists. Then, in the summer of , he was strolling down Oxford Street when several watercolours of bucolic rural scenes caught his eye in the window of an art gallery.

The signature read AR Quinton.

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Writer, VR filmmaker and Alfred Hitchcock geek. But I believe that when catastrophe does come, when people rise to the occasion, they are all right…. People can be strong when they face up to the situation. The original moonwalk and the Stonewall riots. Without hesitation, she commenced herding us to Kingdom Hall meetings in a ritzier section of working-class North Portland.

“The Golden Age of Postcards” The early s was the “Golden Age of Postcards”, with the “Penny Postcard” being a popular way to send greetings to family and friends. Penny Postcards today show us a snapshot of history, as seen in these views along the Columbia River.

Fiona MacDonald Smith That’s right, you heard it here first. In New York, the most talked-about new opening of the past couple of months has been a Japanese restaurant called Hakata Tonton, where 33 out of the 39 dishes contain pigs’ feet. The reason for this, according to its owner, Himi Okajima, is that they are rich in collagen, the protein responsible for skin and muscle tone, more recognisable to beauty addicts in the form of face creams and fillers.

If you begin eating collagen in your thirties, you will look younger in your forties. Isn’t there a cheaper solution? Couldn’t eating the right foods, in the right way, be a simpler, and ultimately more long-term way to stay looking and feeling younger? In order to keep the DNA in good condition, you want to protect cells from harmful free radicals.

Scotland’s Insider Guide: Jedburgh

The pot consisted of 9 rim, 9 base, and body sherds. The exterior of the pot was grey in color and the interior had black residue. Found next to the river trail by a ponderosa pine, pottery fragments were mixed in an old eroded hearth with fire cracked rock and burned bone fragments. All of the pottery fragments were collected, and all of the remaining hearth feature, consisting of black carbonaceous soil amounting to 8 pounds 12 ounces were sent to the Department of Geology, Washington State University, Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory for radiometric dating.

With zero age of A. Archaeologists have identified this type of pottery as Intermountain Ware and contribute it to having been used by the Northern Shoshone Indians; in Middle Fork of the Salmon River area, the Tukudika or Sheepeater Band.

Dating, Bufflehead Style. ingrid T+ Postcards from a Freegan Raccoon. Gallery Postcards from a Freegan Raccoon oakland owls pacific northwest parks pelicans photography pigeons pollution puget sound Raptors rescue and rehabilitation salmon seattle sf bay area shorebirds snow geese terns urban wildlife washington.

Lunch or brunch or something or other Wedding Party Shannon Lin – Maid of Honor Shannon and I have known each other since age 2, and this spot has been reserved for each other as soon as we figured out what maids of honor were. I also assert that I will have the same position in Shannon’s wedding over her sister, because well, I’ve known her longer. We were in the same small group and Anqi was always so real, asking pointed questions and challenging me.

Though distance has separated us after college, with Anqi staying in Pittsburgh and me moving to Houston, Anqi remains a close friend and sister, always doing a better job than me at keeping in touch. Oh yeah, and that time Joanna broke my finger. Since then, Karen had spent innumerable nights crashing at my house until she finally just decided to move in, and then a few years later, buy a house down the street.

Megan Song – Bridesmaid Megan and I grew up together in Kentucky, and I was lucky enough to have her live with me when she matched to Houston for her residency. It was then that I learned that being a germophobe was not something Megan would grow out of, and neither was her genuine spirit of loving those around her. Even though she moved to Chicago, we’ve still been able to see each other pretty regularly, mostly to travel to mutual friends’ weddings.

Nicole Soliman – Bridesmaid Nicole and I met at work in Beaumont, but eventually decided our love for each other was too great to be confined to those walls. Nicole eventually bought a house down the street from where I was renting, and I probably spent more waking hours there than my own room.

Real Photo Postcard Images

We’re delighted to share 47 of Ralph I. According to the Wikipedia article on the island , “As late as it had a resident population of around , mainly engaged in fishing and small-scale farming. It currently has a permanent, resident population of around 20 people, although there are many visitors in the tourist season, many staying in self-catering accommodation, in the form of several restored traditional island cottages.

The island is linked to the mainland by ferry, with return trips several times a day.

Find out how to identify and date Real Photo Vintage Postcards on Playle’s. Database with images of stamp boxes and backs to identify the age and paper manufacturer of old Real Photo Postcards.

Sunday, February 14, Hop Picking One of the articles that I read in my first copy of the SSG news letter in April was a very interesting article written by Brian Sulman about an order form postcard for a series of Salmon postcards on the subject of Hop Picking. On the obverse side of the postcard was the name and address of Mr. On the reverse side of the card was a list of 8 hop picking postcards that could be ordered with space for the name and address of the person ordering the postcards.

Unfortunately I have never come across this postcard or any like it. The cards listed on the reverse of the postcard were: Dipping and Carting Hop Poles. Hop Garden showing Oasthouses in the Distance. Hop Garden, Picking the Hops. Hop Pickers at Work. Carting the Hops in Pokes to the Oasthouse. Carting the Hop Pockets to London Market. Oasthouse interior Drying and Pocketing Hops. This series of postcards had the back Type 1 or Type A but there were also Modern reprints of these postcards as well as a Continental size reprint.

AJOC EDITORIAL: Overtaxing is as bad as overfishing

Three new sculptures were commissioned to depict HHA including “The Three Sisters” telling the story of Loch Earn’s history and heritage and “Drover’s Bho” celebrating the drovers and drove roads of Strathyre. The map highlights fascinating facts from the area over different periods in time and it encorporates the BLiSS art trail , as well as food and drink rest stops.

The i in the middle is symbolic of the i for tourism information and innovation. The trail was launched in as a project to celebrate IAD

Old Postcard Dating Information. Home Home Postal main page. I am indebted to Peter Stubbs for much of the information below (extracted from Peter’s site ) and his permission for allowing me to use this on the Harberton website.. Summary. United Kingdom postcards can be roughly dated from their FORMAT.

Our young Walter moved to Bradford from the south towards the end of the ‘s and worked, apparently as an apprentice, for the photographer and postcard publisher, Alfred Coe who was then operating from his studio at Barkerend Road, Bradford. Around it seems that Walter Scott himself started trading from the Barkerend Road studio and at the same time bought another photographic business called Sachs, also in Bradford.

His company was established in following the same lines as Alfred Coe’s company, producing postcards both pictorial and current affairs with the photographic studio for personal portraits. The “current affairs” were produced in the fashion so typical of the early ‘s, to cover local events with an immediacy virtually unknown today except for television coverage; the local events covered, for example, Saturday summer fetes with postcards on sale on the following Monday or, in at least one case, a postcard of a tram which, having run off the rails, caused a major disaster.

It is not clear how early Walter Scott included his name on postcards but a lovely Real Photograph RP postcard of the local Bingley Wood includes the initials WS on the front so perhaps this is one of the first. This postcard is printed in a warm, almost black, sepia and the detail is outstanding. I have yet to come across any of the more elaborate carte de visite or cabinet cards with advertising backs, though these were popular somewhat earlier in time.

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