Marshal witness protection shotgun is based on a Remington not a Mossberg Reply Link John Donovan December 4, , 7: That red dot allows us to consistently blow the center out of a target at 10 yards. Charles December 4, , 7: Reply Link Frank December 4, , 6: Racking a pump is just a sound no one on the receiving end likes to hear, less likely to have to shoot. There are 12 to 20 adapters that would work for now though. Reply Link Frank December 4, , You can also get an action adaptor to shoot mini cartridges for the guns chambered in 12 ga.

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Posts 47, The Remington Model 10 A was manufactured between and , with a total production of about , units. The serial number on all guns made was preceded by the letter U. According to the [Only registered and activated users can see links. This means that only later guns would have a date, specifically in the last 8 years of production.

Jul 29,  · Dating a Double-Barreled Hammer Gun I recently acquired a hammer shotgun of uncertain age in bad repair because I thought I could learn more about antique shotguns by hands-on examination of a real one.

Daisy had reacted to an aggressive unionizing campaign by closing shop and moving from Plymouth, Michigan- not that far from where I grew up- to Rogers, Arkansas, in Daisy was actually a very progressive employer- they paid to move families to Rogers- but to my father, it was still inexcusable. One led to another, and eventually I had four Model 25s, covering all the major variations- Plymouth and Rogers models, plastic and wooden stocks, engraved really, stamped and painted models.

Modern BB guns spit out BBs at well under fps, a level designed to not break skin. But the earlier 25s were hard hitters, pushing fps. Some of my guns have been rebuilt with newer springs, dropping the level. The Model 25 was produced from until , with Daisy producing over 8 million examples during that time. But it was brought back twice, in commemorative editions. First was the Daisy Model 25 Centennial Edition, produced to celebrate the th anniverary of the company.

Then in , they produced a special run of the Model American Legend- basically the good old classic Model as a way of commemorating the th Anniversary of the Model 25 itself. The 25 is a fun, hard shooting airgun, as well as a unique design. Below, my wood stocked Plymouth model, era.

Small Rifle Primer Performance in the 308 Palma case Pt.2 by Laurie Holland

I bought a Remington at Christmas time. The first time i shot it the shells are jamming in the gun. I took it home cleaned it and oiled it real good.

Let’s look at SR primers. I tried a total of 15 from 10 manufacturers, with a 16th as the aforementioned follow-on which became available after the others were ‘done’.

There were Model 76’s manfactured in Grip Cap and Sling Swivels Standard. After serial number on a new serial number block started and shared with Semi-Automatic model Serial number block started at 6, , Rear sight changed to an adjustable ramp configuration. Receiver marked with Shield and Eagle, flanked by scroll work and — in.

New serial number range for ‘s starting at B 6, , Model ADL and BDL designations replaced with with straight comb stock and impressed checkering.

Gun Review: Remington RM380

Set your microwave on high for 4 minutes making particular stir the contents after every tracfone minute. Increase this frequency as you get to the end in the microwave period of time. The pasta should be a golden brown when it is finished.

Manufacturers Remington – Peters Remington In , Winchester and UMC jointly purchased Remington, a manufacturer of firearms and ammunition. Eight years later, in , UMC purchased Winchester’s share of Remington, and then UMC was the sole owner of Remington.

If you could look at the barrel again and get those letters I can date it for you. My good friend Jack from Yelm, Washington bought an SPS-V some years back and simply polished off the “rough finish” of the bolt and action and had a “shiney” but smooth Remington Varmint! I believe that Rifle was in caliber 17 Remington Fireball! And it looked very pleasing! I could get the particulars on the process he himself did to the Rifle – if you are interested.

I have only owned the one SPS but am familiar with many more that belong to Varminting partners and the crude finish on these doesn’t seem to hamper their accuracy or usefullness afield? So, I also guess that I disagree but not with a lot of certainty that the Remington SPS finish is not due to heavy bead blasting but to the applied finish itself? Allen, I just got a return call from my friend Jack – he relayed that indeed the SPS rough finish is applied and not built in or sandblasted on!

He further relayed that he only removed the finish from the SPS’s bolt and barrel and the action lug runways were already smooth enough for his desires. I have only seen the Rifle once but it looked very good to me.

How to Date a Winchester Firearm

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. If you have the lists in something like the Blue Book of GunValues. It can be found at most any book store, and ordered online.

May 24,  · I was shooting sporting clays yesterday when the second shot in my following pair didnt go bang. I looked to see the bolt jammed,locked up halfway open.

Chennai live sex chat video Remington serial number dating After less than 24 hrs, I’ve already found the “extra” info to help me beyond the the “black powder” and barrel code info. If it is a then the prefix letter in the serial number on the receiver will most likely be “B” or possible “C” Please always keep in mind that if you bought your gun used or second hand it may have had the barrels swapped and this can cause much confusion In addition to what Tu Jays said, the barrel date stamps usually take long enough to repeat that you can get a pretty solid idea of which potential date applies to your gun based on its features.

The shotguns are an that I inherited from my granddad and restored to factory new condition and a premeir bought first year they came out but have never owned an My mother has shot an since the mid 60’s when they first came out bought for 45 buck from a used car dealer and I have shot it in the past but I have always wanted my own. Also any sources for a factory rem choked barrel at a reasonable price?

I just didn’t remember them back in the sixties that short. The gun shows no wear at the muzzle from having been fired allot no blueing missing or faded not a mark on the original wood. The serial number 52 v indicates, if i have read right, that the gun was made in based on the ‘v’ in the serial number. If you can fit recoil pads well, you are one up on me. Any Remington barrel will fit within gauge and series, with the caveat that some of the newer Sporting models have the wider extractor from the s, and the slot in the barrel would have to be opened up to use an older barrel with the newer guns.

I am assuming your second letter in the barrel code is “Q” based on what you say above or If it is a then the prefix letter in the serial number on the receiver will most likely be “V”. Hello, I am looking at a Remington model shotgun with a serial numbeon the reciever N V any information out there that anyone can give me on this information.

How to Build Strength for Shotgun Shooting

No doubt The Freedom Group this announcement accompanies an agreement to settle the lawsuits filed against the company by injured parties. But not as much as getting shot by your own rifle. Press release after the jump. Senior Remington engineers determined that some Model and Model Seven rifles with XMP triggers could, under certain circumstances, unintentionally discharge. Remington has advised customers to immediately cease use of recalled rifles and return them to Remington free of charge.

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Actually, this became 14 and 15th after one of the originals had to be withdrawn. The original 15 But first, we have to mention seating them — in cases that had been cleaned, sized and annealed before being used in the tests. Case-pockets were cleaned and the new caps inserted using the Lee Auto-Prime XR hand tool, the one with the square primer magazine.

To me, this is the first plus in SRP brass over the traditional LRP type and a not insignificant one at that — the more consistently and sensitively one seats primers, the better the chance of good performance. Lee Auto-Prime XR hand tool Magnum Confusion The intertwined issues of names and types were confusing enough when we looked at large primers a couple of years ago.

Moreover, irrespective of make and type, all LR primers are specified to use 0. To understand the issues at play here, we need to travel back nearly 90 years. The original SR primer was developed in the late s for the 22 Hornet with its 43, psi maximum pressure followed by other small, relatively low pressure designs such as the Bee. As it was common practice in those cash-strapped depression-era times for 22 LR rimfires to be converted to handle these little centrefires, old Martini Cadet actions also employed, many rifles had less firing-pin energy available than that in actions designed around larger, higher pressure centrefire rounds such as the and Winchester.

Put the two issues together and a thick tough cup was not only unneeded by the cartridge but was actually undesirable. It was only when Remington launched its in that we start to see SRP-using high performance varmint cartridges appear. Depending on the compiler, loading manuals can specify either standard or SR Magnum grades for the Rem.

Remington 870 DM Review – The Holy Grail of Pump Shotguns?

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