Email When it first appeared in , the TorqueFlite automatic transmission immediately established a reputation for strength, efficiency, light weight, and superior performance compared to the competition. Some eliminate the cumbersome carb-to-transmission throttle pressure linkage and bell crank. Or you can buy a valvebody reprogramming kit and tackle the job yourself. Beware, the valvebody is a complex item and reworking is often beyond the skill set of the novice. Here, the gear governor valve has been trimmed using a disc grinder and lathe head as a fixture. A stock governor valve is shown above the modified unit with directions in the background. It is for the experienced, professional trans mechanic only. Your Legs Might Thank You. Over-running clutch failures happen when the vertical tabs on the stamped metal baseplate pen points are forced flat by forces generated by abuse.

Case 580 B shuttle transmission

This is the second time this vehicle has had catastrophic transmission failure due to a crack in the cooling system. The vihicle started showing signs of a secondary failure just prior to miles and when I brought it to the dealer they lied to me and said there was just residual oil in the radiator from the first failure. Now I am past any warranty copay and the transmission is failing at just miles.

The hook-up connections are identical for both the engine and transmission thermostats. Note that the hose clamp seen in the photo secures the thermostat to its mounting bracket .

Transmission cooler kits usually come with all the necessary tools, hardware and directions to install it yourself. First, you’ll want to consider exactly where you want to mount your transmission cooler — there’s not exactly a specific spot inside your engine compartment where you’re required to place it, so you’re given a little room to be creative; however it’s still important to place it somewhere where you’ll get the most efficiency out of the cooler.

If you mount your transmission cooler behind your bumper, for example, there’s little chance of it being very efficient since it relies heavily on airflow. Mounting the cooler in front of the radiator and the air conditioning condenser is typically considered the best place. Here, they’ll receive a sufficient amount of airflow, yet stay somewhat clear of road debris like rocks.

Transmission coolers are typically square-shaped and thin, so they can easily attach in between other components. Most kits offer adhesive mounting pads that allow you stick the cooler right onto the radiator, but there are also usually extra mounting rods that you can insert between the radiator and the cooler’s mounting flanges. You should hook up all of the proper inlet and outlet hoses between the cooler and the transmission — after all, that’s how the transmission cooler delivers the cooled fluid to the transmission.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you keep the hoses away from any hot or moving parts. Heat would counteract the cooler’s effort, and a moving part like a fan could sever the line.

My Tru Cool 40K trans cooler upgrade

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The oil cooler fittings are brazed, and you’ll twist them off if you’re not careful. The instructions are explicit about this, you twist them off, you’re not covered by warranties. Third, I drilled and mounted the oil cooler into the top metal frame to the left of where the hood latch is located.

There are myriad web pages on the internet for servicing the 4R70W, as it is the automatic transmission commonly used in Mustangs and in Crown Victorias, but very few resources when it comes to servicing the transmission in a truck. I was personally frustrated with the lack of any useful information on performing the fluid change procedure, so I researched and researched and put together this guide.

When I say “useful information”, I mean something more than an article written entirely in text and with no explanation of the different parts of a transmission. I believe that anyone with a general knowledge of automotive handywork should be able to do this job on a weekend afternoon. Before we proceeed, I should explain what exactly is being done in this procedure since I am not simply regurgitating the information in the Haynes manual.

Under normal circumstances, approximately 4. If you are not familiar with the way this transmission is designed in the F , refer to the diagram below. Please excuse the crudeness of my drawing Basically, the transmission utilizes a closed-loop cooling system where the transmission fluid is pumped forward of the vehicle to the radiator where it is cooled via the engine fan and airflow when driving down the road.

The cooled transmission fluid then returns to the transmission where it is utilized in the valve body and torque converter to keep the vehicle moving forward. The Haynes manual suggests that you drop the transmission pan to replace the fluid, filter, and clean the magnet. While this does allow you to replace the filter and clean the magnet, you do very little in terms of changing out the fluid since most of it resides in areas of the transmission cooling system that are not accessible.

Since my truck is a , I was not able to access a drain plug in the torque converter.

nipples to AN on trans cooler

As a result, they are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive. I picked the Chevrolet LS1 V8 because of it’s awesome output numbers, availability, reliability and personal testimony from a couple of my friends who have them. I knew it would be a little more challenging than swapping in an LT1 or earlier engine, but so what! The outcome will be that much better.

Here’s where it all happens! We do a variety of things including towing for the City of Pittsburgh, used parts sales, scrap processing, body work and late model vehicle sales.

May 16,  · When not towing my trans temp stays around When towing it will range between on flat road to around going up hill. I have been looking for a good fan to install in front of the trans cooler, or just put in a larger cooler.

Number Of Cooling Rows: All products are engineered and tested to provide All products are engineered and tested to provide years of trouble free operation. Backed by over 50 years of car parts Oil Cooler, Bracket, Mounting Hardware. Electric Fan, Fittings, Gasket. With Quick Connect Coupler. All products are engineered and tested to provide years of trouble

How to Install Ford C4 and C6 Transmissions: Step by Step

Use Correct Flexplate Size Most common flexplate sizes for C4 transmissions are tooth left and tooth right. Each calls for its own bellhousing size. This block plate fits and tooth applications.

Locate and identify the oil cooler lines coming from the transmission and cooler / radiator. Positions a drain pan under these lines and, with a pair of pliers, loosen the spring clamp and remove the hose from the low pressure (return) line.

November 16, edited Its the cooler clogging. There is supposedly a TSB on how to perform this job, but I’ve never seen it. The stock transmission cooler is in the radiator, so just disconnect the transmission cooler lines, and hook up a piece of tubing to the inlet and outlet. Put the outlet into a collection pan, and lift the inlet tube up so you can attach a funnel and pour kerosene or mineral spirits through it. If you have access to an air compressor with a nozzle, you’ll want it to blow the crud and solvent all out.

If you don’t, run solvent through the cooler, and once it comes out clean, pour transmission fluid in on top to displace the solvent before you hook it back up to the transmission. It may take multiple cycles of soaking block the outlet , and maybe even reversing the flush direction to make sure anything lodged in the bends comes out. I’m not sure if the aforementioned method will clean the cooler, but it’s how I’d do the job.

Transmission Line Connection – Cooler Install

Do not see your vehicle here? View similar products Total: Plus, its robust construction readily defends against possible damage from road debris and corrosion. Today you can fix your vehicle properly and have money left in your pocket with a Dorman product. It will look, function, and fit just like the part from the dealer, so your vehicle will operate as it should or even better.

The Dorman product is designed using state-of-the-art technologies to exactly replicate the OEM unit, then it is manufactured with modern tooling so that the end product looks and fits exactly as designed.

If transmission fluid squirts out of the radiator when the engine is started it is the return line proceed with hook up to that line. If from the hose it is not the return line so hook up to the other line.

Over the past 6 months or so I’ve noticed a drop in highway mpg from to approx After checking out a number of forum discussions particularly bimmerfest and some European d forums , I thought possibly my thermostat was malfunctioning, with resultant low engine temps. So a low engine temperature for the diesels may cause poor mpg, burn out of glow plugs, and DPF malfunction. This link on bimmerfest gives an excellent overview of the issue. As said by lpcapital in post 5: There are plenty of reports of aged thermostats that keep the engine in the low 70s when cruising on freeways.

Since the coolant temperature is below the threshold, the DPF doesn’t regenerate, it clogs and people lose their mind figuring out what’s wrong and start spending thousands to replace DPF and adding washes, remove the DPF all together. My temp like many in other forum postings was , and never over BTW, post 17 talks about accessing the hidden menu with the ignition on, but engine off. If you do this, there is obviously no way to monitor coolant temperature while driving.

No worries, though, you can access the hidden menu in the same way, but with the engine running. So start the car, idle in the driveway, and have a button pushing frenzy as described in post The forums I’ve read express some uncertainty about what the operating temp is supposed to be, but spoiler alert! And after I replaced the thermostat, my new operating temp was deg, and mpg was back to on the highway.

Aux. Transmission Cooler Diagram *PIC*

Transmission Cooler June 1st, , Air flow through the radiator depends on the size and type of fans but as Jeff says the center is usually the dead spot hwen the car isn’t moving and the fan s are running. My trans guy says the tranny really can’t be too cool unless you live somewhere where it hits zero and the car is outside as there isn’t the same kind of viscosity issues with modern trans fluids as there can be with much heavier engine oils.

May 01,  · HI All, I recently bought a d I will be using it to tow a landscape trailer (about lbs total weight) I want to hook up an aux. trans cooler but have been debating how to do this.

Yes there is some, But it is so fine and so little amount that it wont do anything. And besides, When you cut the line, fluid is coming out of the lines so how can anything get into the lines with oil coming out? Your transmission makes more metal shaving and bigger pieces then a dremal can ever make. Get a fiberglass reinforced disc to cut the line. And go at the highest speed you can without causing a lot of sparks. Nothing will get into the lines.

Ever try swimming in a river and swimming against the current?

Ford F150 Forum

My power windows don’t move at all! Check the fuse on the power window relay as well as the relay itself for the windows. Also clean the contacts on the switches as noted above – the current for the passenger window passes through the driver’s side switch, so check them all.

Trans Cooler. Rated. by Dons82cam on March 15, Summary: Will go the though the cooler and radiator hook up route. Its well made and fit and tuck up out of the way. Looks to nice to be hidden back under whereit cant be seen. Pros: light and takes up very little Rating: % positive.

Maximum Care is available with a variety of terms, so choose the time and mileage that is best for you. Covered Components Maximum Care is an exclusionary extended warranty, often referred to as a “Bumper-to-Bumper warranty” and as such if it’s not excluded, it’s covered. The only parts and labor not covered are: Maintenance services and items used in such services.

Body and paint items, including soft trim. Wear items such as manual clutch assembly, brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums and belts are not covered at any time. Benefits include towing, flat tire change with your good spare , battery jump, out-of-gas fuel delivery maximum 2 gallons , lock out service i. Towing assistance will only be dispatched for mechanical disablement which renders the vehicle inoperative.

700R4 Coolant Lines

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